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300 Click for offerFinally, a level C1 speaker should be able to communicate flexibly in social, professional, and academic settings, understand a wide variety of topics, and recognize implicit meaning. C2, the highest level, expects the learner to “understand with ease virtually everything heard or read,” and summarize information from different sources. Levels C1 and C2 make up the Proficient stage. At the camps along the highway route, the demonstrators speak of the power of the protest, whatever the ultimate outcome, to transcend the long history of shameful treatment of Indigenous Australians and reconnect people to their roots. It has become a kind of homecoming, restoring a missing part of their identity, they say.

The V60 Cross Country will also get the same tech that we've seen in the standard V60. This includes a standard Sensus Connect infotainment system with a vertical screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. On the safety front, automatic emergency braking is standard, as is lane departure warning. “I’d love to eat healthy, but it’s hard,” said Denise Rodriguez, 15. “It’s so expensive, and it’s not any good at the local supermarket. We have to travel to get something good.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEAt one point, Klobuchar was asked about questioning whether a woman with Buttigieg’s record could make it on the primary debate stage. But instead of taking a shot at the South Bend, Indiana mayor, Klobuchar used the question to make a broader point about the unlevel playing field women face in politics. Last week India’s government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, cast Kashmir into more turmoil by abruptly canceling the limited autonomy it has held since the 1940s. That decision raised tensions with Pakistan instantly.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYOrganizers said the exhibition, with timed tickets to manage expected crowds, will run through at least Jan. 3, 2020, with artifacts culled from Auschwitz, nearly 30 other museums and from the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s own 40,000-piece collection. Some two-thirds of the 100 items to be shown from its own collection have never been displayed before, Michael S. Glickman, its chief executive, said. — Andrew Seidel, 22, Columbia, Md.

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Victoria Manganiello’s “Get Me Out of Here” (2012) features three delicate, off-white fabric panels hanging one before the other and connected by a web of scribbly strands of red thread. Green shapes on the first textile evoke a world map, which reappears faded on the last one — suggesting views of the future, present, and past. Ms. Sirico, 31, is the prevention specialist providing mental health support to students in five elementary schools in the Downingtown Area School District in Pennsylvania. She graduated cum laude from Skidmore College, and received a Master of Social Work and a Master of Education in human sexuality from Widener University.

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The Eliminate Opponents challenge above will definitely help with this challenge, but it's likely going to take quite a few more kills to complete the high 5,000 points of damage requirement. Hopefully eliminating opponents will give you a good base of damage points and you'll be able to complete the rest naturally over the course of the week. But as always, when in a pinch, head to Tilted Towers where you're guaranteed a lot of players and a lot of action. Aunque Trump quiera alejar a la industria estadounidense de China, ese país es esencial para el comercio global. Las fábricas chinas producen iPhones, iPads, consolas de videojuegos, autopartes, imanes industriales, plásticos, químicos que se utilizan en la industria manufacturera y un sinfín de otros insumos básicos que mantienen los engranes económicos del mundo en movimiento.

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A shift in Mr. Rouse’s approach seemed to take place starting in the mid-1990s, with works featuring episodes of delicacy and humor touched with brittleness. His Cello Concerto, written for Yo-Yo Ma, who gave the 1994 premiere with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted by David Zinman, is an extended elegy, in part a response to the deaths of two admired composers: Andrzej Panufnik and Stephen Albert. The concerto quotes their works while also borrowing from William Schuman’s “Orpheus With His Lute” and a haunting lullaby from Monteverdi’s opera “The Coronation of Poppea.” The global backdrop could take some oomph out of Fed policy. The central bank cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade in July, but as uncertainty slows investment and pulls down the global interest rate setting that neither stokes nor slows growth, it could also lower the dividing line between stimulus and restrictive policy in America.

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We profiled Ms. Rapinoe, who also sparred with President Trump this week after using an obscenity to dismiss the idea of visiting the White House if her team wins the Women’s World Cup. Read: Former President Barack Obama has shared his summer reading list, which includes the works of Toni Morrison, who died last week. (Three of her books also appear on our paperback trade fiction best-seller list.)

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